Monday, 23 November 2015

First Sketches for Issue 3 of the Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book Starring David Bowie

As shared on Twitter yesterday the first rough sketches for issue 3 of the Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book starring DAVID BOWIE.

 1964 to '71 here. The starting point is, of course, those eyes & cheekbones – it's a fecund period hairdo-wise so if I can establish a "template" for those famous two-colour peepers, then I can fit the fireworks display of his ever-changing barnets around it and retain his essential Bowie-ness from drawing-to-drawing.

Issue 1 (starring Pink Floyd) and Issue 2 (starring The Who) of the Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book are available online at the London Bookstore (click HERE) in print and download. There are also FREE 6-page try-before-you-buy samplers for download – free Pink Floyd download HERE and free The Who download HERE.

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