Wednesday, 26 April 2017

#London Record Stores: Alan's Records East Finchley #N2

Adam writes… My local record shop in North London

Alan's Records, East Finchley

Support your local record shop. Support MY local record shop too! Alan's Records in East Finchley

My last purchase there was this Motown gem…

Alan's Records also features in T.J Bird's lovely comic book Rock & Pop…

Rock and Pop by Tim Bird is about the how the commonplace is rendered elegiac by the presence of music.

It has my very favourite things in it: cartoonsmusicLondon and, best of all, daughters.

For anyone who has ever loved a song, this lovely musical autobiography will strike a chord.

Here's Alan's cameo appearance…


You can buy Rock & Pop and all of Tim Bird's other comic creations at his website

The Rock'n'Roll London Pub walk meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm Tottenham Court Road tube

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