Thursday, 18 May 2017

London Record Stores: Reckless Records

Ahead of tomorrow's Rock'n'Roll London Walk, Adam writes… 

Reckless Records

A very forward-looking establishment, is Reckless Records: they even sell those new-fangled compact-disc thingies. Quite a good selection, too.

But the real treasure trove here is the vinyl. Second hand records, a great selection spread over most genres in a central location.

They even keep a copy of What’s The Story Morning Glory in the window, with a little sticker attached with the words You Are Here. For indeed you are – Berwick Street was where the sleeve for that fabled Oasis album was shot.

The Rock'n'Roll London walk meets at Tottenham Court Road tube (exit 1) 2pm and passes near Reckless Records…

Here's the video for the Rock'n'Roll London walk…

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