Monday, 8 May 2017

A Cat Song Playlist

Adam writes…

I'm playing a short set at the Alley Cat Bar in Denmark Street on Wednesday as part of my Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk.

Here's a picture of The Alley Cat

… and here's a picture of my daughter's cat Natasha

… and here's a cat-themed playlist. 16 cat-related tunes…

I've included Syd Barrett's Lucifer Sam from Pink Floyd's first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn – the title was inspired by his pet Siamese. Stevie Wonder is on there, too - Superstition makes the list thanks to its mention of a black cat. And there's The Cramps doing Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? Make of that what you will. And I've added one lion (from Lloyd Cole) and one tiger (no cat playlist complete without the Rocky III theme).

And I would like due credit for resisting the following cat-music puns in the naming of the playlist…

Cat's The Way U-Huh U-Huh I Like It

Meeow That's What I Call Music

The Ace Of Spayeds

The Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk with LIVE Music meets at Tottenham Court Road tube on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

 You can book ahead for the Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk with LIVE Music via EventBrite

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